Cedar Mulch

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Cedar mulch is an excellent mulch for regulating soil temperature, reducing soil moisture evaporation, reduces the likelihood of weeds, and reduces erosion. Because it is a shredded mulch, it is less likely than a chipped mulch to wash away during the rain. Cedar, like cypress, has is a long lasting mulch, taking two to three years to break down. Cedar produces a water soluble chemical called thujaplicin, which deters insects and pests such as snails, slugs, termites, moths, mosquitoes, and cockroaches, as well as preventing fungal infections. Cedar mulch also has the added benefit of being toxic to all snakes. It is sold by the cubic yard, the half cubic yard, and the 5 gallon bucket.

If you would like to order your mulch by the 5 gallon bucket, please note that the bucket is sold separately.

Please note that we do not deliver quantities less than a full cubic yard.

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