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Eco Mulch & Sod strives to provide the best quality sod possible. We will fulfill your order as soon as we can. Each pallet is cut to order. Please make a note in your order if you have a specific date you would like to pick up your sod on and we will do our best to accommodate you. We will mark your order as ready for pick up once we are able to fulfill it. If you are booking a delivery, we will call you to finalize the delivery date. If you have any questions, please call our office at 318-865-5200.

We carry four grass varieties: St. Augustine, Bermuda, Crowne Zoysia, and Zeon Zoysia. No matter which grass variety you decide to purchase, once the sod is laid out - and we recommend laying the sod as soon as you get it - water it. You should water the grass heavily for at least 15 minutes and then a couple of more times throughout the day with slightly lesser quantities of water for the first few weeks. It is not a good idea to water the grass heavily in the late afternoon or evening because that could lead to a fungal infection. After the grass has taken root, then you will want to water the grass about 1 inch a week.

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