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If you live in Louisiana then you know how dry and hot it can get during the year. As the weather gets less hot the rain season in Louisiana starts picking up. Although most places in Louisiana can handle the rain quite well, there are many areas that can flood easily. If you live in an area where rainwater can accumulate you may experience some flooding in your lawn.


Causes Of Flooding In Your Lawn

It’s not only heavy rain that causes flooding on your lawn. There are a variety of reasons that could lead your lawn to easily flood including:

Dips or low points in your yard

An uneven yard could lead to sections of your yard being more likely to flood or accumulate with rain water. This is especially true when the home is at the bottom of a hill or when the elevation of the property is lower compared to the area around it.

Improper drainage

If the rain does not get drained properly it will stagnate and lead to situations where water pools in certain section of your lawn.

Excessive plants

Plants and trees are great additions to your yard but they can lead to serious issues with flooding. This comes as a result of the root systems that they have which draw water and hold it there while it’s being absorbed. Denser soil can be an issue as well if there are extensive roots, which can make for soil that is unable to properly absorb water.

How To Fix Your Lawn When It’s Flooded

Patience is a virtue – Whether you have the patience or not, you need to wait for your yard to dry out. Sometimes this can take days or weeks depending on the type of flood. Walking around on soggy soil will just ruin your yard further, so resist the urge.

Lawns needs nutrients – Once the water is gone, check to see if your soil is dried out. If it is, fertilize in areas that need it, so your grass can grow back and the ground won’t crack and break apart.

Air it out – Sometimes soil can become compacted after a flood which doesn’t provide enough space for the air to come through. Aerate in a couple of areas to keep your lawn from dying.

Drains – If you have a severe flooding problem you may have to take different measures and install drainage systems. There are different kinds that you can get to best fit your yard and to prevent or at least reduce the amount of flooding that happens next time.

Be Careful With Stagnated Water

Remove any water that is sitting around, such as empty plant pots, benches, or any appliances. This is less of a tip for your lawn and more for the safety of your home and family. Leftover water can result in mosquitoes and other bugs that can ruin your lawn and lead to diseases or other problems that could cause issues with your health.

Don’t Let The Rain Keep You Down

Over watering could cause your lawn to be in need of replacement. If you’ve considered replacing your lawn then make sure to contact The Grass Outlet. We have a variety of lawn types for any yard, whether you need it for your home or business. Contact us today to learn more!

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